ECOBRIGHT was incorporated in Malaysia in 2014, today ECOBRIGHT has developed to become the market leader in LED lighting.
We sell our products to over 1500 retailers in Malaysia, making us one of the biggest LED suppliers in Malaysia.
At ECOBRIGHT we constantly review and monitor our product quality as well as our services based on our valued retailers’ and customers’ feedback.
Meanwhile, our research team conducts in-depth studies and propose modifications and upgrades to enhance and improve our products.
Lights play an important part in our everyday life. It brings comfort, security and a sense of relief to just about anyone. Even though it's taken for granted by most people, we at ECOBRIGHT do not take lighting lightly. Since our establishment in 2014, ECOBRIGHT has always focused on improving the quality of our LED lights
Normal lights would grow dim in a mere 6 months and LED lighting in 2014 was priced at a premium. This makes it not accessible or affordable for average households to consider.
As an LED light specialist, we've taken it upon ourselves to establish our own lighting factory in China. This way, we can not only lower the prices but ensure a high manufacturing standard.
ECOBRIGHT now manufactures a full range and series of value for money LED lighting solutions.
To bring affordable LED lighting solutions across Malaysia.
To be the leading LED lighting solutions provider with multiple ranges of LED products and designs.

If you're looking for quality, reliable LED lighting to illuminate your homes, choose Ecobright.